Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm going to go over the different aspects of the

I'm going to go over the different aspects of the

In this review I'm going to go over the different aspects of the publisher program.

The publisher program of this company is designed to emulate common pay-per-click ad revenue programs similar to Google AdSense.
You make money in the same way with this program as you do with AdSense.

First, you log into your account, then you copy and paste the code onto your website where you want a pay per click ad from to appear.
Once the ads are in place the system will search its database of advertisers and deliver targeted ads.

About 4 months ago one of my websites was banned from AdSense. I wanted to find another program that was similar to AdSense, which I had been using
to make about $250 per month from pay-per-clicks.

So, I signed up with I put the ad code on my website then waited for my account to be approved. My account was approved 12 hours after I signed in.

After a month of implementing the Publisher Program on my website in exactly the same way as I used AdSense, I had some telling results.

I went from making $250 per month from Google's pay per click system to making $225 dollars per month with the system.

So if you are wondering how to make money from your website or blog along with your Google AdSense account or if your Google AdSense account is banned

and you still want to make money by displaying ads on your website or blog, then I would definitely recommend you try  I can safely say
that their publisher program is profitable and their ads are relevant most of the time.

In just the 3rd month, I received my payment for the first month through

They do not have a ticketing system for support. The only way to get support is to send them email through a link in the footer of your member area.

Luckily, I have always gotten an answer within 12 hours, so I can say their support system is good.

They do not have a way for publishers to hold their payment, like in Google AdSense, So the only way for you to hold your payment until a later date

is by requesting it be held via email. They are also willing to pay publishers through Moneybookers, Alertpay or wire transfer for certain countries.

All of those need to be requested via email prior to your payment date.

Overall is the best advertising network that you can use to profit from as an alternative to, or along with, your Google AdSense account.